The Adora Oleh Show

As a Journalist and always inspired to get the best story and challenge herself, in 2010 Adora launched her own self-titled award winning TV talk show, The Adora Oleh Show, which is currently in its third season.

The Adora Oleh Show is a 30-minute entertainment talk show created to focus on positive role models and entrepreneurs moving forward in the entertainment, fashion and business arenas. With in-depth weekly interviews with established celebrities and upcoming talent, the show has a roster of top industry professionals, fashion designers and music journalist that contribute to the show’s weekly music and fashion segments. The show is developed and licensed by Chiad Productions and is broadcast across the African continent and Europe.

Project Fame West Africa

In 2009 Adora became a TV favorite and household name as the co-host of the music talent TV reality show Project Fame West Africa. She co hosted the show for five years and won numerous awards. Project Fame is developed and licensed worldwide by Endemol. The show features contestants from Ghana, Liberia, Nigeria, Sierra Leone and is broadcast across the African continent and Europe.

Fox News

In 2012 Adora made her début on American Television, FOX News as an entertainment and Royal Correspondent; covering a wide range stories for various FOX News outlets; From current entertainment hot topics and movie releases to historical Royal news stories, such as the birth of Prince George, The Queens Diamond Jubilee and other Royal engagements.

Celebrity Damages Control

In 2014 Adora became a guest panelist on the factual series, Celebrity Damage Control airing on Reelz TV USA. Adora is one of the pop culture experts who examines why celebrities are forgiven and deemed innocent by the public - even if proven guilty.
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